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Ayala Greenfield Estates

Project at a Glance
Project Location:

Barangay Maunong, Calamba, Laguna

Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes:

400 sqm - 700 sqm

Price Range: Php 6 M - 25 M


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Ayala Greenfield Estates By Ayala Land

Amidst the flora and fauna of the Calamba highlands lay The Ayala Greenfields, an Ayala Land Premier residential community overlooking the magical Mt. Makiling, the stunning Laguna de Bay, the Metro Manila landscape and the Tagaytay Ridge over the enclave’s horizon and spread through its 8 phases.

The high-value residential community has its own championship golf course having 18-hole and par 72, designed by environmentalist Robert Trent Jones II. The 350-hectare residential development is also host to diverse species of endemic and migratory birds. The plant species also thrive within its backdrop enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The Greenfields is Calamba’s pride and jewel and could be found in Brgy. Maunong, Calamba City, Laguna. The nearby mountain breezes cool and fresh air within the community and some of the amenities and facilities are designed by the Philippines’ best designers. The site is only 20 minutes away from Alabang via SLEX and are surrounded by life’s basic necessities such schools, shopping complexes, malls, medical centers and other essentials of life.

The high-esteem private group has its own title fairway having 18-opening and standard 72, outlined by earthy person Robert Trent Jones II. The 350-hectare private advancement is likewise host to differing types of endemic and transitory fowls. The plant species additionally flourish inside its background improving the characteristic excellence of the environment.

The Green fields are Calamba's pride and gem and could be found in Brgy. Maunong, Calamba City, Laguna. The adjacent mountain breezes cool and natural air inside the group and a portion of the pleasantries and offices are outlined by the Philippines' best planners. The site is just 20 minutes from Alabang by means of SLEX and is encompassed by life's fundamental necessities such schools, shopping edifices, shopping centers, therapeutic focuses and different basics of life.

Just 20 minutes from Alabang, Ayala Greenfield Estates is a supernatural neighborhood that furnishes inhabitants with a genuine asylum to get back home to ordinary.

With precious perspectives of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay, Tagaytay Ridge, and the Metro Manila cityscape, Ayala Greenfield Estates additionally has top of the line recreational luxuries, including its own one of a kind 18-opening, standard 72 title fairway planned by Robert Trent Jones II, the father of ecological green outline.

A people group that works around nature instead of smothers it, this 350-hectare improvement fills in as the living space of 35 species and 21 groups of endemic and transient winged creatures. The greenery gives a great setting to any family scene, and the cool mountain breezes comfort both body and psyche. This feeling of being in an alternate world is improved even by a perfect area that keeps the accommodations of the city just a short head out.

Ayala Greenfield Estates one of a kind height – achieving 315 meters above ocean level – represents a cool year-round atmosphere and extraordinary perspectives of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay, Tagaytay Ridge, the golf fairways and contiguous forests.

The project located in Calamba City, Laguna boasts of unit sizes ranging from 400 sq. m. to roughly 700 sq. m.

The Fairways at Ayala Greenfield Estates is the most recent stage (Phase 7) that envelopes the 18-opening Championship Golf Course - The centerpiece of this Ayala Land Premier improvement. This is the place Fairway Lots, some of which have perspectives of the Lake, are currently accessible.

Situated between Phases 3 and 5, The Fairways at AGE is the greenest stage giving perspectives of Mt. Makiling and Amprigon Hill. It is contained two separate packages and will be associated by an extension.

With Ayala Land Premier, Ayala Land reinforces its qualification as the primary, full-line land engineer to address the issue of perceiving property holders, making new ways of life and selecting prime locations.

Imaginatively planned and especially built, Ayala Land Premier advancements characterize unmistakable living.

Ayala Land changed the Philippine scene with the country's head business locale more than five decades back. As the biggest, most experienced, and most put stock in organization in its field, Ayala Land drives the thriving land industry in the Philippines with prime private and business improvements.

Ayala Lifestyle is devoted to present to you the most notorious and rising land properties in the Philippines from Ayala Land Premier.

Ayala Land Premier conveys the legacy of Ayala Land. From skyscraper condos to rural situations and recreation groups, Ayala Land Premier improvements are genuine demonstrations of astounding living. Proclaimed for their distinction, decision area, and unrivaled land esteem gratefulness, every advancement ensures prime areas and coveted locations.

Units Available

Village  407sqm - 558 sqm

Parkside 433 Sqm

Hill View 406 sqm - 439 sqm

Ridge Side 497 sqm

Prime Plus 517 sqm

Woodside 483 sqm - 560 sqm

Ridge 531 sqm

Prime 601 sqm - 927 sqm

Fairway View 536 sqm - 548 sqm

Fairway 585 sqm - 665 sqm

Lake View 634 sqm - 688sqm

Fairway Estate 1213 sqm


Ayala Land Ayala Greenfield Estates in Laguna, Philippines is a premier House & Lot project available for sale. If you're looking to rent or purchase Ayala Greenfield Estates, then check here first. We have full details of Ayala Greenfield Estates updated regularly as well as everything you need to know about the availing and booking process, broken down into stages that includes selecting a unit, choosing a payment plan and buying your dream home at the right price. For price list, free site tripping, personalized service, model house, unit plans, floor plans, payment terms, CHAT LIVE with an agent 24x7. We are Remax Perfect Homes. Always buy from PRC licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents only.

Ayala Greenfield Estates - Location & Vicinity

Ayala Green field Estates is a snappy 20-minute head out from Alabang, or 40 minutes from Makati. Its extraordinary height – achieving 315 meters above ocean level – represents a cool year-round atmosphere and remarkable perspectives of Mount Makiling, Laguna de Bay, Tagaytay Ridge, the golf fairways and adjoining forests.

The adjacent schools include: Southridge, St. Scholastica's– Westgrove, Don Bosco, University of the Philippines - Los Baños, PAREFWoodrose

Medical facilities surrounding the area include the South Luzon Medical Centre and Asian Hospital.

With most rejuvenation facilities available on the property, for a change if you want to head out, you can visit the nearby commercial centres such as the SM South Mall, Festival Supermall, Paseo de Santa Rosa and the Alabang Town Center.

Nearby schools :

  • St. Scholastica’s– Westgrove
  • La Salle Zobel
  • PAREF Woodrose
  • Southridge
  • De La Salle University – Canlubang
  • University of the Philippines - Los Baños
  • Don Bosco

Nearby hospitals :

  • Asian Hospital
  • South Luzon Medical Center

Nearby commercial centers :

  • Paseo de Santa Rosa
  • SM South Mall
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Festival Supermall
Ayala Greenfield Estates Location

Ayala Greenfield Estates - Features & Amenities

Ayala Greenfield Estates boasts of world-class facilities that cater to an active lifestyle. Amidst this resplendent natural environment, world-class recreational facilities bestow Ayala Greenfield Estates with a genteel country-club lifestyle that its residents are able to enjoy every single day.

Set in the midst of a lavish region of raised land, with characteristic vistas all around, it's a perfect area for the individuals who need a new beginning – the noticeable cityscape helping inhabitants to remember the nearness of present day solaces. Just 30 minutes from Alabang, this private asylum made by Ayala Land Premier offers a particular and excellent way of life for its inhabitants.

Ayala Greenfield Estates gloats of world-class offices that take into account a dynamic way of life. In the midst of this dazzling indigenous habitat, world-class recreational offices offer Ayala Greenfield Estates with a polished nation club way of life that its occupants can appreciate each and every day.

Nature Park
A 15-hectare Nature Park with excursion forests and different courtesies, for example, an open playfield, tree forests, climb and bicycle trails, a skating arena, an angling tidal pond and camp and outing destinations, give the ideal place to you and your family to live and develop.

View Deck
From this crest, at 315 meters above ocean level, you can cast your look over the tremendous fields of Batangas, the Laguna Bay and the edge of Tagaytay.

View Corridor
A typical association between Mount Makiling and Laguna fields, the View Corridor navigates right around 500 meters of downhill incline and covers near 2 hectares of land.

Arbor Trails
The Arbor Trails is a 15-hectare field of rich greens, which gloats of a few climbing trails for either long lackadaisical strolls or strenuous climbs. There is additionally a characteristic winding trail where occupants can go biking through the tremendous encompassing nature. Stop officers, who always watch the property, will lead climbing classes for the individuals who might want to learn abilities required for the more troublesome trails. Outdoor tables, sitting ranges and seats are deliberately arranged around the territory.

Riparian Grove
The expression "nature at its finest" is putting it mildly with regards to portraying the magnificence of Riparian Grove. Regardless of whether you are searching for comfort in nature, while taking in the lavish vegetation that bounteously encompasses this place, or the experience and organization of other individuals through the testing outdoors trails, it should all be possible here in "The Grove" through the various types of pleasantries that it will offer.


Town Clubhouse
This is the ideal spot for those get-togethers with neighbors and companions. With social lobbies, work rooms and even a coffeehouse, you can undoubtedly impart a sit without moving talk to guests from the city, or have that quite anticipated gathering with relatives from around the globe.

The Golf Course
Occupants and visitors can appreciate the 18-opening, standard 72, all-climate title fairway composed by the father of ecological green plan, Robert Trent Jones II.

  • Makiling Point
  • Laguna de Bay
  • Highest Point
  • View Corridor
  • Laguna Overlook
  • Village Clubhouse
  • The Nature Park
  • Fairway View
  • Picnic Pike
  • Golf and Leisure Club

Ayala Greenfield Estates - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Village ₱ 5 M - 7.2 M 407 sqm - 558 sqm
Parkside ₱ 6.1M 433 Sqm
Hill View ₱ 6 M - 6.4 M 406 sqm - 439 sqm
Ridge Side ₱ 6.5 M 497 sqm
Prime Plus ₱ 6.7 M 517 sqm
Woodside ₱ 6.3 M - 7.3 M 483 sqm - 560 sqm
Ridge ₱ 7.6 M 531 sqm
Prime ₱ 8.6 M - 12.3 M 601 sqm - 927 sqm
Fairway View ₱ 12.8 M - 13.4 M 536 sqm - 548 sqm
Fairway ₱ 14.2 M - 16.2 M 585 sqm - 665 sqm
Lake View ₱ 14.5 M - 17 M 634 sqm - 688sqm
Fairway Estate ₱ 34.9 M 1213 sqm

Ayala Greenfield Estates - Payment Option

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Why You Should Invest In  Ayala Greenfield Estates

Calamba City is the gateway to the rest of the Southern Tagalog provinces and the Bicol Region. Investing here is truly worth every penny. Here are some of the reasons why you should reconsider owning a slice of the property.

Flora, Fauna and Health

The remaining flora and fauna in Calamba City is unlike any other in the country. The city offers more forested areas despite its ever changing rural landscape into an urban setting because of the relocations of various BPO hubs, branching out of more commercial banks and other industries. 

The lush greeneries and verdant environment breezing fresh air is truly conducive to the homeowners’ health where this condition boosts the immune system, especially the children. Living here is also good for de-stressing. So you are not only investing for a solid structure called “home” but also for your health and fitness which is more precious than any other material in the world.

Ideal for Bird Lovers

Endemic birds have a total 35 species while the migratory ones have 21 species in the immediate surroundings of the Ayala Greenfields. The birds could be seen any time of the day, the likes of woodpeckers, doves, swallows, flower peckers, shrikes, wagtails and the local maya are seen in flocks. Bird watching is a great hobby because it is inexpensive and activity-enhancing. Day-offs is the best time to bring those binoculars and enjoy both the scenery and your feathered friends.

The “Richest City in CALABARZON”

Calamba City is certified by the government’s Commission on Audit (COA) as the “richest” in the region having an annual income of more than PHP2.5B in fiscal year 2014. The income mostly comes from business permits, economic plants, services, agriculture, tourism and real estate taxes (in ascending order of importance). This only proves that business and employment is really thriving in the city and it is a good time investing on one of its prime income-earner: real estate.

How To Buy

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