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Ayala Greenfield Estates boasts of world-class facilities that cater to an active lifestyle. Amidst this resplendent natural environment, world-class recreational facilities bestow Ayala Greenfield Estates with a genteel country-club lifestyle that its residents are able to enjoy every single day.

Set in the midst of a lavish region of raised land, with characteristic vistas all around, it's a perfect area for the individuals who need a new beginning – the noticeable cityscape helping inhabitants to remember the nearness of present day solaces. Just 30 minutes from Alabang, this private asylum made by Ayala Land Premier offers a particular and excellent way of life for its inhabitants.

Ayala Greenfield Estates gloats of world-class offices that take into account a dynamic way of life. In the midst of this dazzling indigenous habitat, world-class recreational offices offer Ayala Greenfield Estates with a polished nation club way of life that its occupants can appreciate each and every day.

Nature Park
A 15-hectare Nature Park with excursion forests and different courtesies, for example, an open playfield, tree forests, climb and bicycle trails, a skating arena, an angling tidal pond and camp and outing destinations, give the ideal place to you and your family to live and develop.

View Deck
From this crest, at 315 meters above ocean level, you can cast your look over the tremendous fields of Batangas, the Laguna Bay and the edge of Tagaytay.

View Corridor
A typical association between Mount Makiling and Laguna fields, the View Corridor navigates right around 500 meters of downhill incline and covers near 2 hectares of land.

Arbor Trails
The Arbor Trails is a 15-hectare field of rich greens, which gloats of a few climbing trails for either long lackadaisical strolls or strenuous climbs. There is additionally a characteristic winding trail where occupants can go biking through the tremendous encompassing nature. Stop officers, who always watch the property, will lead climbing classes for the individuals who might want to learn abilities required for the more troublesome trails. Outdoor tables, sitting ranges and seats are deliberately arranged around the territory.

Riparian Grove
The expression "nature at its finest" is putting it mildly with regards to portraying the magnificence of Riparian Grove. Regardless of whether you are searching for comfort in nature, while taking in the lavish vegetation that bounteously encompasses this place, or the experience and organization of other individuals through the testing outdoors trails, it should all be possible here in "The Grove" through the various types of pleasantries that it will offer.


Town Clubhouse
This is the ideal spot for those get-togethers with neighbors and companions. With social lobbies, work rooms and even a coffeehouse, you can undoubtedly impart a sit without moving talk to guests from the city, or have that quite anticipated gathering with relatives from around the globe.

The Golf Course
Occupants and visitors can appreciate the 18-opening, standard 72, all-climate title fairway composed by the father of ecological green plan, Robert Trent Jones II.

  • Makiling Point
  • Laguna de Bay
  • Highest Point
  • View Corridor
  • Laguna Overlook
  • Village Clubhouse
  • The Nature Park
  • Fairway View
  • Picnic Pike
  • Golf and Leisure Club
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